1. Shping's Referral Program

Shping Pty Ltd (Shping) offers eligible persons the opportunity to receive commission for referring their contacts ("Referred Participant") to participate in the Token Sale for Shping Coin (Referral Program). These terms apply to your participation in Shping's Referral Program (Referral Terms).Term and Referrer Eligibility

  • The Referral Program will, subject to these terms, be open from 1st of January 2018 to 24rd of March 2017
  • In order to be eligible for the Referral Program, you must:
    • be at least 18 years old;
    • Be able to comply with the terms of this agreement while not be in breach of any laws or regulation of the country of your residence /li>
    • Under take full registration and KYC requirements at the tokensale.shping.com website


  • When you register for Shping's Referral Program, you will be provided with a unique link, graphics and approved messaging (Referral Material) that you can place within your site, social media accounts or other platforms (e.g. Facebook, Telegram or Twitter).
  • When a Referred Participant clicks on one of your unique links, they will be directed to the Shping Token Sale landing page and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. If a Referred Participant purchases Shping Coin, they will be marked with your affiliate ID.
  • In order to receive a commission for referral, the Referred Participant must
    • never have previously purchased Shping Coin;
    • click on your unique link and purchase Shping Coin in the same user session or use your Promo Code during purchase.


  • If the Referred Participant satisfies the criteria above, you are (subject to the remainder of the Referral Terms) eligible to receive a 5% commission on the amount spent by the Referred Participant in Shping's Token Sale, in ETH. For example, if a Referred Participant purchases USD$100 in Shping Coin, you will receive the equivalent of USD$5 in commissions converted at the available and selected exchange rate and paid in ETH to your nominated address. In addition the Referred Participant would also receive a 5% Referred Participant Bonus which is paid in Shping Coins for using the referral link.
  • The Referred Participant Bonus is paid on top of any eligible bonuses available at the time of the purchase. For example, if the Referred Participant has made the purchase during the 1st day of the Token Crowdsale, the bonus would be added on top of the 20% bonus applicable on that day plus an additional Referred Participant bonus of 5% making the overall bonus received by this participant equal to 25%)
  • All commissions will be paid at the end of Shping's Token Sale and will be subject to you complying with these Referral Terms.
  • Shping reserves the right to withhold or deduct commission where it reasonably believes that a referrer has acted in bad faith or has violated the terms of the Referral Program.


During your participation in the Referral Program, you must:

  • only use the Referral Material for the purposes of the Referral Program;
  • comply with the marketing guidelines in relation to the Referral Material;
  • not represent the purchase of Shping Coins as any financial investment, or form or financial product, investment scheme, financial service, or security;
  • not directly market the Referral Material, or directly seek to refer, to any individuals located in China, New Zealand or the United States];
  • comply with all laws applicable in your jurisdiction relevant to the Referral Program, including laws around the use and disclosure of personal information, and any laws around direct marketing or spam (including the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) or the SPAM Act 2003 (Cth));
  • not make any misleading representations about Shping, the Token Sale of the Shping Coins, includes misrepresentation your relationship with Shping or making any representations in relation to the successful launch of or achievement of any other activities surrounding the Shping Token Sale;
  • not promote Shping's Token Sale on web forums, commercial websites, chat rooms or via search engine marketing, or in any other manner that is disparaging or damaging to Shping;


You indemnify Shping for any loss, damage or cost which may arise out of your breach of these Referral Terms.


  • Shping may terminate the Referral Program at any time on [7] days notice.
  • Shping may suspend or terminate your participation in the Referral Program if you, in Shping's reasonable opinion, in breach of these Referral Terms, or doing any other thing which may cause Shping damage or loss.
  • If your participation in the Referral Program is terminated under section 6(b), you will not be eligible to receive any commission.
  • If the Referral Program, or your participation in it, is terminated for any reason, you must delete the Referral Material within 5 days of such termination.